Solve problems with custom Nengo solutions

Custom neuromorphic applications

We’ve built our reputation on developing proof-of-concept applications of neuromorphic technology.

Whether it’s robotics, semantic processing, or deep learning applications, we’ve built state-of-the-art solutions for a variety of clients. We’ve acquired a strong expertise in working with clients to build their requested applications while targeting spiking neuromorphics.

Whether you know you want a deployable application, or just want to see what benefits there are for your favorite app when put into spikes, we can help. Our in-house AI experts cover all common application areas and methods. Challenge us with a new one – we love challenges.

Every project is different, so contact us for an introductory call.

A Nengo backend for your hardware

A Nengo backend for your hardware makes it instantly useable by the broader community.

We have built backends for a wide variety of hardware systems, including analog/digital hybrid chips, pure digital chips, synchronous and asynchronous designs, you name it. We’ve parterned with Fortune 500 companies, academic labs, and brand new startups.

Building a usable, tested and flexible software stack is a huge challenge. Nengo was designed with the central goal of deploying models on many different hardware platforms. Take advantage of a mature environment that’s been used by thousands of modelers and has years of in-the-field testing.

We’d be happy to discuss details. Contact us to set up a meeting.

New neuromorphic tools

We have years of experience building commercial quality machine learning and artificial intelligence software tools.

Not only have we built the Nengo suite, but we have developed other tools for data analysis, automatic neural network generation, and integrating a variety of physical and neural simulators.

Planning and building such tools is too complex a process to cover on a website – contact us and we’ll arrange a time to chat.