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ABR is bringing advanced AI to the edge, with more functionality for less power than anyone else. Learn about our team here.

What we value most at ABR

Function above all
Most importantly, things have to work. We make products that work as we say they work, and are robustly tested. We only include features that make our products better. Similarly, if a business practice or a part of our culture isn't working, then we'll change it.
Failure is encouraged
Great ideas come from years of trial and error. We take risks and try things that won't end up working. We learn from these failures, most of the time. Sometimes it might take years of accumulated failure to finally succeed.
Be open with each other
Collaboration is key to our success. We share ideas and problems with one another; every project is a group project.
Include everyone in openness
We value the dissemination of ideas as much as the products we develop based on those ideas. We will share code and develop it in the open. We will publish, teach, and give talks about how we do what we do.
Patents, not Secrets
As an open company, we do need to protect our ideas somehow. We use the patent system as it was originally meant to be used. We want to foster innovation by all in our field, not stifle it.
Nothing, including this culture statement, is taken too seriously. We criticize constructively, are Canadianly polite, and recognize each other's value as people and not as workers.
From research to reality

How Applied Brain Research began

ABR was born out of an endeavour to build and understand brains. Our company spun out of Professor Chris Eliasmith’s Computational Neuroscience Research Lab at the University of Waterloo. Just a couple years before, Chris and some of his students unveiled Spaun, the world’s largest functioning brain model. Entrepreneur Peter Suma joined the lab with an interest in the commercialization of computational neuroscience research, which led to the founding of ABR. Now, we offer state-of-the-art and brain-inspired technology that promises to revolutionize the world of AI.

In 2019, ABR invented the Legendre Memory Unit, or LMU. Recognized as the first state space neural network, the LMU is mathematically proven to be optimal for compressing and representing time series data. Our TSP Chips for language and signal processing are specially built to run this algorithm for even greater efficiency gains. ABR’s time series technology can achieve high accuracy at low power, with less data and smaller models. We are cutting the energy costs of AI, and enabling next-generation functionality for edge devices.

ABR's leadership team

Meet the leadership team behind Applied Brain Research. The founders came together in 2012 to reimagine how artificial intelligence can be applied to the real world.
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