Applied Brain Research provides expert consulting and custom built solutions to your artificial intelligence and machine learning problems.

Our team promises cutting edge results, with 1500+ published research papers and 80+ years of combined industry experience.

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What we bring to the table

ABR got started with Nengo, a Python package for building, testing, and deploying neural networks. We have unique, world-class expertise in neuromorphics and autonomous systems. ABR’s product focus is time series technology in the form of our LMU algorithm and TSP Chips, but we still provide advanced AI consulting.
  • Time Series Technology: ABR does state-of-the-art time series processing, specifically to do with chat and signals. Our LMU is provably optimal for compressing and representing information over time, and our TSP Chips are specially built to run it for even greater efficiency gains. NengoEdge can also help you streamline your training and deployment process without the need for any code.

    With ABR’s time series software and hardware, you can achieve high accuracy at low power, with less data and smaller models. This broadens the scope of on-device processing, which keeps latency low, and protects your privacy. Speak to us about any ideas for new functions that we can now enable at the edge.

  • Nengo: ABR developed and continues to support Nengo. We can, for example, build Nengo backends that bring a whole software stack to your specialized hardware.

  • Neuromorphics: ABR can assist with all manner of neuromorphic tools and apps. Reach out and talk to us about your brain-inspired AI / ML needs.

ABR technology has been put to effective use in a variety of industries and contexts. Currently, we are working on such projects as keyword spotting during medical procedures, and heart monitoring for smart wearables.

ABR has worked with and is trusted by some of the most prominent brands and institutions in the world of AI.

Demonstration videos

Watch one of ABR’s cognitive and autonomous drones in action, here performing a roof inspection both efficiently and with no humans in the loop.

In this simulation, a voice-controlled ABR drone embarks on a search and rescue mission.

We developed a neuromorphic adaptive control system for a robotic arm and took it to the Singularity Canada Summit, featured here by the Discovery Channel.

This demo explores our neuromorphic adaptive control system for a robotic arm in more detail.

See our adaptive control network running on a CPU versus Loihi.

Dr. Travis DeWolf presenting work from the paper Neuromorphic control of a simulated 7-DOF arm using Loihi to the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour

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