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Our team of experts and researchers can support on research and development of new technologies across hardware and software in AI.

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Solve custom problems with Nengo solutions

We have supported organizations across technology, government, medical, and more to bring their ideas to life.
Neuromorphic Apps

Target the latest, efficient, neuromorphic hardware with a specific application. We’ll help you port it or build it from the ground up.

LMU Apps

Are you having trouble solving a time series problem, or your LSTM solution isn’t cutting it? Need to deploy in a situation with a low power budget? We’ll help you apply LMUs to solve it better and more efficiently.

Nengo Backends

Are you developing an AI accelerator that you want to be easy to program? We’ve built a wide variety of backends for Nengo that instantly bring a whole software stack to novel hardware.

Neuromorphic Tools

Need a specialized software tool for your in-house development? Talk to us and we can build tools to meet your machine learning and AI needs. We have deep expertise in software development and artificial intelligence methods.

industries abr serves

Get out of the costly cloud. Have the edge over your competition.

Use our technologies in edge speech recognition, language processing, sensor data processing for use in always-on monitoring. situational awareness & autonomous control systems.
Three engineers collaboratively analyzing information on a laptop screen.

Vehicle and automotive industry

Voice recognition and keyword spotting on a lower power edge chip in-vehicle, stored and operating locally.
An individual extending their arm and attentively looking down at a watch, presumably to gather information displayed on it.

Intelligent medical wearables

Wearables that react to a user's interactions, activity, and voice to provide insights, safety, and updates.
A little girl holding hands with a robot, facing and looking directly at the camera.

Smart home technology

Capable of understanding human conversation, a home responds to common comments, such as "It's cold in here."
A well-equipped kitchen featuring various appliances including a refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and cabinetry.

Appliances for businesses and consumers

Always-on devices, such as in-home appliances, use less power to operate and learn.
Industries we serve

Build brains with our technology

ABR's suite of products brings your smart product to life. Voice-enabled applications are a few clicks away with our hardware and software suite.



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Brain Board Bitstream


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