Process language more accurately and efficiently. With ABR’s ChatChip, you can do more with less.

Use this chip from our Time Series Processor family to run large AI models faster, at low power, and bring down energy costs. Perform effectively with less data and smaller models, and do your language processing on-device.

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Expand your voice capabilities

ABR’s ChatChip is bringing sophisticated language processing and advanced AI functionality to the edge, as your solution to a wide range of communication problems.

A computer chip
  • Full language ASR for < 50mW and< 90ms latency
  • Background noise suppression for < 24mW and < 10ms latency
  • Full voice dialog systems for < 200mW and < 200ms latency
  • High efficiency ABR neural accelerator fabric
  • I/O voltages between 1.6 V and 3.3 V
Put ChatChip on your device, and run advanced language processing locally. Avoid recurring cloud costs, reduce latency, and protect your privacy.

Key features and applications

We offer a full software stack, including AI model design and deployment, with custom and pre-trained networks available.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Process speech, turn it into text

Call Automation

Natural Language Processing

More conversational human-machine interaction

Dialogue Management

Analyze flow of conversation


Convert written text into spoken words

Signal classification

Categorize inputs based on their characteristics

Background Noise Filtering

Minimize any disruptive sounds

Speaker Identification

Distinguish one speaker from another


Convert text or speech from one language to another

User success story

ABR has partnered with A.I. VALI to develop a keyword spotting model for use in a hospital setting that will change the way doctors go about medical procedures.

“We were very excited to work with ABR, because of their proven expertise in NLP and ability to deliver state-of-the-art AI applications in tight timelines. ABR helped us maximize the functionality of our speech recognition technology for real-time application in hospitals and private clinics. ABR improved customer satisfaction by supporting a user friendly platform; this partnership and the support provided by ABR for speech recognition has enabled us to bring a high accuracy product that runs offline to market. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Applied Brain Research and taking advantage of their hardware to gain further benefits.”

Azar Azad

An individual with a blue face, opening their mouth to speak, depicted with visual sound waves emanating from their mouth to represent speech or sound.

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