Nengo featured in this week's R&D 100 Flashback

October 25, 2016
Dr. Trevor Bekolay

In 2015, we were honored when Nengo 2.0 was selected for an R&D 100 award. This week, R&D magazine featured Nengo in its R&D100 Flashback.

If you happen to be in the Washington, DC area this year’s R&D 100 conference is happening November 2–4. The speaker lineup looks great as usual!

Dr. Trevor Bekolay, a Co-Founder at Applied Brain Research, has a deep-rooted passion for understanding learning and memory mechanisms, especially within the realm of spiking neurons. His academic pursuits have led him to explore the intricate world of linguistic sound processing. Beyond research, Dr. Bekolay has been instrumental in the collaborative development of the Nengo neural simulator, emphasizing the importance of reproducible science in the ever-evolving field of neural computation.

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