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Kevin Conley: ABR's New CEO Driving AI Innovation

September 11, 2023
Dr. Travis DeWolf

Semiconductor Industry Veteran Kevin Conley Joins Applied Brain Research as CEO to Drive Next Phase of Innovation

WATERLOO, ON, [Sept 11] – Applied Brain Research, a trailblazing leader in the development of AI solutions, is proud to announce the appointment of Kevin Conley, an accomplished semiconductor industry veteran, as its new Chief Executive Officer. With a proven track record of steering industry-leading businesses to new heights, Kevin brings unparalleled expertise and vision to ABR as it enters a transformative phase of growth and innovation.

Having held executive leadership positions at global semiconductor leaders, including SanDisk, Corsair Components and Everspin Technologies, Kevin has consistently driven innovation, propelled technology advancements, and delivered exceptional value to customers. His deep insights into the AI chip landscape, semiconductor and product development experience, combined with his strategic acumen, make Kevin the perfect choice to lead ABR's journey into the future.

"I am thrilled to join ABR as CEO and embark on this exciting journey," said Kevin. "In an era of rapid technological evolution, ABR stands at the cutting edge of AI solution innovation, and I am committed to bringing its game changing technology to the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) chip market. With our leadership in Time Series Processing, we are uniquely positioned to redefine industry standards and elevate ABR to new heights of excellence."

Dr. Chris Eliasmith, ABR’s co-founder and interim CEO has moved to the CTO role. Chris added “ABR's commitment to delivering breakthrough solutions aligns seamlessly with Kevin’s proven ability to drive product development and market expansion. Under his leadership, the company will continue to forge new paths in AI acceleration, enabling groundbreaking applications across industries.”

When asked about the future of the company with this change, Chris said “ABR has consistently challenged industry norms and set new benchmarks in AI. As Kevin assumes the role of CEO, ABR is poised to reinforce its competitive advantage and foster an era of unparalleled innovation bringing its technology to the broad opportunity in the AIoT.” 

About Applied Brain Research

Applied Brain Research Inc (ABR) is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence technology founded by alumni of the Computational Neuroscience Research Group at the University of Waterloo. ABR is leading a new wave of product development targeting ultra-low power Edge AI, enabling a new level of capability in low-power critical applications. ABR's revolutionary time-series AI processor uses 100x less-power than other high-functionality edge AI hardware, and supports AI models up to 10-100x larger than other low-power edge AI hardware. Device makers can benefit by giving their products cloud-sized AI capabilities, such as full natural language voice user interfaces, for less power, latency, and cost, all running locally offline.

ABR, headquartered in Waterloo Ontario, is a Silicon Catalyst Portfolio Company. More company and product information can be found at

See the press release here.

Dr. Travis DeWolf is ABR's Sr Research Scientist II and Co-Founder. He has a PhD in systems design engineering with a focus in computational neuroscience from the University of Waterloo. He is one of the co-founders of ABR, and is an expert in the design of neuromorphic and edge AI applications and building computational models of the motor control system in the brain.

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