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NengoEdge lets you build highly optimized, low-power AI systems targeting edge hardware in a user-friendly cloud platform. NengoEdge is ABR's latest product that is currently in the alpha testing stage. Bring your own data and leverage the power of LMUs to solve challenging time series problems with AI solutions optimized specifically for your desired deployment device. NengoEdge targets a wide variety of low-power GPUs, CPUs, TPUs and MCUs.

We are looking for people who are building keyword spotting solutions, or addressing similarly sized time series problems, in low-power environments. Alpha users will get free access to NengoEdge in return for their feedback. If you're interested in becoming an alpha user, please email us through the link below and tell us why you're interested in trying NengoEdge.

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Product Commercial use (per year) Academic and personal use (one-time)
Nengo backends bundle
Please contact [email protected]
Please contact [email protected]
Nengo complete bundle
Please contact [email protected]
Please contact [email protected]


Product Commercial use (per year) Academic and personal use (one-time)


Product Commercial use (per year) Academic and personal use (one-time)
NengoFPGA for Intel DE1-SoC
Please contact [email protected]
Please contact [email protected]
NengoFPGA for Xilinx PYNQ-Z1 & Z2
Please contact [email protected]
Please contact [email protected]


Product Commercial use (per year) Academic and personal use (one-time)
Free community support

The ABR support team constantly monitors the Nengo forum, and will respond to questions about any of our products. Questions and answers are open to everyone in the community.

  • Always free
  • Always available
  • User-friendly searchable archive
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Talk to our support team

If your question is more complex or cannot be asked publicly, you can talk to a member of the ABR support team one-on-one. Each support ticket includes:

  • Initial contact within 24 hours
  • Service via voice or email
Enterprise-level support

For complex deployments and mission-critical models, develop an ongoing relationship with the ABR support team.

  • Single point-of-contact for continuity across incidents
  • Flexible pricing based on your business needs
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Some products, for some uses, by some customers, may fall are under various export control and/or restriction statutes and/or regulations and therefore may either be barred from sale under such circumstances, or require that export and/or import permits be obtained from the relevant jurisdictions. In such cases, ABR will notify you after you complete the payment process, and either promptly refund your full purchase price and cancel your order or, if possible, work with you to obtain the required approvals.