Nengo Brain Builder

The Nengo Brain Builder is a Python package for building, testing, and deploying neural networks.

About Nengo

Let's build brains

Nengo is built to help solve problems with the most efficient hardware available for that problem.
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Spiking or traditional non-spiking models
Fully scriptable or GUI-based development
Highly customizable or use available modules
Tackle dynamic information processing
Easily exploit the latest hardware
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Use Nengo's suite of tools for your smart-enabled product

The first software that allows you to build algorithms from scratch with no code.
Keyword Spotting: Add voice commands to your application by using NengoEdge to detect keywords in a stream of audio data.
Audio Scene Classification: Analyze the ambient audio data around your device to detect events of interest (such as users entering the room).
Anomoly Detection: Detect anomalous audio signals, such as wear and tear in attached machinery.
Use Cases

Build brains with our technology

ABR's suite of products brings your smart product to life. Voice-enabled applications are a few clicks away with our hardware and software suite.



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