A simplified way to build machine learning models

Create intelligent solutions across speech, language, audio, biosignals, radio frequency signals, network traffic, and more with our invented suite of machine learning software solutions.

NengoEdge ML Creator

Train high accuracy, low power audio processing models in an easy-to-use cloud platform. Reduce product development time and cost by taking advantage of the edge device expertise we have built into the training and deployment process.
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Legendre Memory Units

We have invented Legendre Memory Units (LMUs), which are provably optimal at compressing time series, resulting in increased efficiency and accuracy compared to LSTMs and Transformers.

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Brain Board Bitstream

Running Nengo on inexpensive FGPA boards opens neuromorphics up to anyone. Explore and exploit the advantages of neuromorphic computing in the classroom, the innovation lab, or your basement.

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Adaptive Control

We have developed and patented an adaptive control method that guarantees improvement over standard PID control. Robust self-tuning and efficiently run on standard hardware or next generation neuromorphic hardware.
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Nengo Suite

Nengo is a suite of software tools for building and simulating large-scale brain models. Nengo is our secret sauce, developed in the open and freely available to academic researchers and hobbyists.
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use cases

Real-life applications of true intelligence

Devices need to run computationally heavy algorithms to become smarter and therefore to be be more useful. Today, the AI networks needed to process this data have to reside on cloud servers due to processing power.

Brains do what we want to do in our devices yet for orders of magnitude less energy. That's the AI we're building.

Use cases
Keyword spotting for consumer-facing wearable devices
Low power application for always-on consumer-use appliances
Integrated home solutions with conversational AI enabled capabilities
Adaptive control on most commonly interacted devices in households
Automated voice recognition in-device solutions for IoT
Security devices with voice enabled recognition
build brains

Pair our TSP Chip and NengoEdge ML Creator

Use our NengoEdge Machine Learning Creator software to build and train custom machine learning algorithms from public or owned datasets.

Apply the algorithm you have built or created onto our low cost, low-latency, and high performance time series processor chip. Bring the cloud to the edge.
Chip Hardware

Solutions to build your smart-enabled technology

ABR offers a range of software and hardware solutions for your organization's artificial intelligence needs. Top-of-the-line machine learning algorithms stored locally on ultra low-power AI. Work with your existing hardware or leverage ours.

Edge Hardware

The Time Series Processor chip based on ABR's algorithm for AI signal processing.
Our Hardware

NengoEdge ML Creator

NengoEdge is a software tool that allows you to build and train custom machine learning algorithms from public or owned datasets.
Our Software
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From consumer to industrial to government

Smart solutions and voice-enabled technology is the future of many industries.
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