Automatic conversion from Keras to Nengo with NengoDL

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Applied Brain Research LMU Sets New Benchmark Record

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ABR Founder Interviewed and Spaun Features in Neuromorphics Report

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ABR selected for the Lazaridis Scale-Up Program

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ABR featured in Wired UK

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Nengo featured in this week's R&D 100 Flashback

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Brain Camp 2016

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Chris Eliasmith at Tech Leadership Conference 2016

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Dr. Eliasmith on the Blue Brain project

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Dr. Eliasmith on the Blue Brain project

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Dr. Eliasmith on designing intelligence

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ABR featured at OCE Discovery 2015

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Nengo featured at PyCon 2015

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Dr. Eliasmith on reinforcement learning

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UWaterloo on John C. Polanyi Award

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UWaterloo on Royal Society of Canada's College of New Scholars

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Article on Brain Camp 2014

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Dr. Eliasmith on AI ethics

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Dr. Stewart on the Science Times podcast

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UWaterloo on Stephen Hawking's Brave New World

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Dr. Eliasmith on Neurogrid

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Dr. Eliasmith on cracking captchas

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How to Build a Brain released

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UWaterloo on How to Build a Brain

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Dr. Eliasmith on Spaun relationship to the connectome

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