Time Series Processor Chips

Efficient, low cost chip for the revolutionary Legendre Memory Units built and invented by ABR.

First production chip quantities are being allocated now. Design-in and applications development services are available now.

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Solutions to build your intelligence-enabled technology

ABR offers top-of-the-line and inexpensive chips plus a range of software and hardware solutions for your organization's artificial intelligence needs. Machine learning algorithms stored locally on ultra low-power AI.

Chat Chip Hardware

Under the ABR Time-Series Processor (TSP) Family of Chips, the Chat Chip allows for voice-enabled personal assistance in any device.
Chat Chip

Signal Processing Chip Hardware

Under the ABR Time-Series Processor (TSP) Family of Chips, the Signal Processing Chip allows for cloud-sized time-series signal processing AI on a chip
Signal Processing Chip
time series processor features

Get the best features for your time series solution

The TSP is a groundbreaking addition to the PM’s arsenal, allowing for low-cost, power-efficient processing using large AI models for time series data. Now, all devices can have complex, full-featured AI.
Reduce cloud costs
Reduce CPU and GPU requirements
No network required
Give your customers privacy
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Why we built the Time Series Processor Chip

TSPs save power and increases response speed, accuracy, and privacy while lowering costs to device makers and consumers.

Full software stack including AI model design and deployment. Custom and pre-trained networks available.
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Build brains with our technology

ABR's suite of products brings your smart product to life. Voice-enabled applications are a few clicks away with our hardware and software suite.



NengoEdge ML Creator


Nengo AI Builder Suite




Adaptive Control


Brain Board Bitstream


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