Nengo 2.1.2 released

The Nengo team is glad to announce the release of Nengo 2.1.2.

What is Nengo?

Nengo is a Python library for building and simulating large-scale neural models for AI and robotics. It can be thought of as a neural compiler, transforming a functional description of a neural model to a network of spiking or non-spiking neurons that can run on multiple backends including GPUs and neuromorphic hardware.

What’s new?

Nengo 2.1.2 is a bug fix release to fix a compatibility issue with Nengo 2.1.1 and Nengo OpenCL 1.0. If you are using the OpenCL backend, we recommend upgrading to 2.1.2.

How do I get it?

To get the new version of Nengo, use pip.

pip install --upgrade nengo

Where can I learn more?